Conservatory Blinds & Sails

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Elegant Conservatory Blinds

Purpose built for conservatories and not only provide the neatest fit, but often offer the best value for money for all shapes of conservatory. They are handcrafted to individual specifications to suit all shapes and angles. Made to measure, bespoke blinds will transform your conservatory into a room, allowing you to use it in the heat of the summer and the long cold winter. And all this can be achieved with the flick of a remote control.

  • Concertina effect allows it to almost disappear when it is not in use.
  • Integrated fabric control ensures the blinds hold their shape closed or open.
  • Solar reflective fabrics to eliminate glare, reduce heat gain and heat loss.

Our turnaround times for this fantastic product currently stands at 2 weeks from time of survey to installation ready, That’s half the time and more of some of our closest competitors. Our pleated blinds are all made right here in Ireland so you can also rest assured your supporting your local economy.


Conservatory Roof sails

An excellent alternative to fitted blinds for lanterns, roof lights and conservatory roofs. The sails are made from an advanced stretch fabric that creates a sail that is easy to install or remove and that can be cleaned in a domestic washing machine. The curved edges tension the fabric and keep it smooth. These curves create a distinctive, sculptural aesthetic and help maintain an open aspect when significant shading is required. The sails can also be used to great effect when providing only partial coverage. Multiple overlapping sails creates wonderful pools of light and shadow that move with the sun to create a very natural, outdoor feel.

  • Control Heat Gain and Glare – Our solar efficient fabric reflects up to 72% of the Suns heat to keep your conservatory cooler.
  • Machine Washable and a 5 year Warranty – Our easy to clean fabric will maintain both the looks and performance of your sails for years to come.

Our Lead Times

Our lead times from survey to installation ready are second to none and our installations are clean, safe, fast and carried out at times that facilitate the customer. We come highly recommended by both small customers and larger clients.

The Dedicated survey & installation team are certified with all the usual MEWP, MH certs, safe pass and our handover reports, FR spec and data sheets are handed over in time in proper end of project report fashion.


L&M Keating have contracted Castle Blinds on large school projects where there was a requirement for a mixture of blind specifications and operating systems… we received an excellent service and would not hesitate to use this company again in the future.

Pauline Yeo, B.Sc(Hons) MRICS, Quantity Surveyor, L&M Keating